Relaxing afternoon

I am sitting by the back door, eating Pizza rolls and drinking water in the warm April sun. I love this kind of afternoon. The sun is warming me up and getting my vitamin d. I know the pizza rolls are not healthy but it was a quick and easy dinner for me and my … Continue reading Relaxing afternoon


Music is my escape

Good morning. I am still trying to find balance and make time for stuff that I want to do. I am finding out that is hard. With kids, my man, work, my book and pool and bowling. Pool and bowling are during the week. This month, they are ending. I am excited for that. After … Continue reading Music is my escape


A great one here! A great message! 😃


Never give up the fight. Even if you are standing alone, even if it is just you against everybody else. Never give up. Never let intimidation or fear take over. You were given a mission. The others don’t know about it. They don’t understand. They don’t see it. The vision. The purpose. You see it. You know it. You fight for it. You are like God’s soldier. You fight in His name and you fight for what you believe is right. You have all the tools to succeed. Will you use them? I know I will. Bring it on. IT IS ON.

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